Welcome to the Rise Wiki

Welcome to the brand new version of the wiki. This is the primary resource for every information regarding to Rise. All members can view and edit the pages, and we'd like this to become as large as possible. Share your newest concept art, your newest models, and your newest maps in the appropriate section. Keep the pages updated as much as possible. Please note that this will be heavily moderated to avoid confusion.

If you found something you're unsure about, just ask about it on IRC or in the forums. With that out of the way, you must be wondering… where do I start?

Want to boost up on your knowledge, or are you new to Rise? Start with Introduction page. Move on to reading how the Contact & Communication works, and get a more thorough idea of what we're going for by reading the Mod Overview page. Check out our Planning for our goals and time schedule, and check out the specifics of the game in the left bar.

What's new? Well, check out the Armors page for a full overview of the armour classes and their art. Our nearest goal (except for finishing current release) is media release 2, so taking a peek there can't hurt. Also, a newly added feature is Power Systems. Pretty neat.

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