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Yes catapults.
Not in the traditional sense of the word, certainly in terms of appearance anyway, but very much traditional in what they do: launch a player :)

Classes: All

Function: Applies a greater impulse to a player in order to provide a boost. Adds a higher forward directional velocity, with a slight +z (up in the air) impulse.
Mostly used on some bases, but can be deployable as well. Base ones are larger in appearance.

Form: Refer to concept art.
Needs to look like a pad that when stood on will animate to indicate it's thrust.
Here is a copyrighted picture of the ones used in Tribes Vengeance for inspiration.:


Another idea to expand on this one is a much more powerful version. Would take the form of a ramp with a large piston like ram mounted at the bottom of it. A shootable trigger linked to this would fire the piston (emitting all sorts of steam and hissing) and really launch the player(s) far.

Status: Entity done (6th August 2009). Just needs a model now :)

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