Contact & Communication

How to stay in touch with the team

There are a couple of communication channels within Waking Hour, depending on the purpose. For all the information regarding Rise we have this wiki. Stuff that's in here has been decided on and is for reviewing purposes. As a means of sharing your work and sharing your ideas we have IRC and a development forum. To keep the outside world informed of what we do, we use our website and a couple of entries on larger 'mod database' sites. So, let me lay it down for you:


Internet Relay Chat, a pretty old way of instant-messaging. IRC is popular among gamers and teams because it's 'rooms' or 'channels' allow alot of people to join in the chat at once. There are also countless other factors which make it easy for us to use. There are usually quite a few of the developers in the channels, so check here to talk to eachother directly.

We're using a couple of channels. All of them are on the network.
: #wakinghour - : The main channel where all the Rise developers hang out. This is where the action is!

A public channel used by fans and supporters.

: #rise-alpha : The channel for developers and closed alpha testers. This is where we organise the playtesting and gather feedback.

There are two ways of getting on IRC. The first one is by downloading a program such as mIRC and running it from your computer. The second one is to connect directly to the development channel by using a web irc client. Oopy set one up, which you can find here: *link removed*

The Forum

This is where we share ideas and work. Use this if you can't be a IRC regular or for those important topics that need discussing. There's alot of info on there and it changes very quickly, so check back regulary! The forum can be found here:


Oopy sents out a weekly update to the entire team to let everyone know where we are at. It tells us the current ups and downs, what's keeping us all busy, etc.

++ File sharing
So except for just plain text we usually want to share our assets. Small files or pictures can easily be posted on the forum in the right topics, but larger files need a more bulky system.

List of Websites

These websites are all maintained by Waking Hour. Forum topics/news items etc are not included, but you can find a list of those at our dev forum.
The Rise website, where we keep the people updated and ask for their help. Our main player portal
The Waking Hour website. Became redundant so now bounces straight to the main Rise site.
The entry on Rise. If you have a ModDB account, send Aereogramme or Oopy a message, and they will add you to the development team.
The entry on Rise.
The Waking Hour wiki. You're here now, silly. Use the wiki for reading & reviewing what we're doing.
The Waking Hour development forum. Use this for discussing and sharing your work and your ideas.
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