Here's the list of controls:
Note the keys can be re-bind by the player. Approximate defaults listed.

Switching weapons
Default to: numeric keys for direct switching. Mouse wheel up/down and two other keys for Previous and Next functions.
Also use key 4 for example to switch to carried deployable. Use key J to deploy (see below).
Use key 5 to select flag, if you carry it. J to throw (see below).

Forwards - w
Backwards - s
Left (strafe) - a
Right (strafe) - d
Jump/Jetpack activate - middle mouse
Ski - space

Hand grenade - g (hold to increase strength of throw)
Throw Flag (when selected) - j
Throw selected weapon - j
Use pack - q
Swap weapons with a dropped one / Deploy carried deployable (within arms reach) - f
Fire - mouse1
Zoom - mouse 2
Zoom magnifications toggle - 7,8,9,0 (default magnification defined somewhere) levels TO BE CONFIRMED

Turrets, mines, etc. deployed with - j

Global talk - t
Team talk - y
Access quick chat - v
Quick chat menu system and structure needs doing, but to say hello for example, VGH - C access chat, G for global submenu, H for Hi there. See QuickChat page for further information.

Toggle faded items - caps lock
Momentary view faded items - right shift
Map overview and player menu - m
Score window - tab

Screenshot - f12
Record/stop game - f1

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