First Stage (LT)


First stage of the creation of this mod will be to do LT, a small, past paced mod, originally made for Tribes to speed up the game and, in my eyes, more "arcady". LT stands for Light training and basically removed most of base equipment and customizability of the loadouts, focusing more on player skill and movement. This means that compared to the full product, it's easier to build and more focussed on player skill (less accessible for newbies).

Once we have managed to get this stage to feel good we will move on to the next stage and make an even larger and deeper mod, if we so decide to do that.

It's likely that we will release the mod at this stage in Beta status. We anticipate additions to the team after the release when people can see what we've been doing :) Wether it will be closed or open beta, is to be discussed. We're keeping it closed, and if the feedback is good, we're making it public.


This will involve the following assets and working code:


At least one full quality maps at stage 1 release, containing the following custom assets:

  • Team Bases - identical for each team but with different team logos on, located in mirrored positions on the map.
  • Team Flags - located at or very near to each base. Team logos on each flag, apart from that identical.
  • Large scale, fun playing terrain.
  • Functional OOB.


  • Two custom characters for each team. This will be the light armour.
  • Three functional weapons - the disc launcher, grenade launcher and chaingun.


A fun, smooth working movement system. Basic elements are:

  • Skiiing - this is the ability to 'ski' down the terrain and gain some impressive speeds around the map.
  • Jetpack - fully working jetpack. Limited by energy supply. Energy regenerates over time.

Game Logic

Functional CTF mode, consisting of:

  • Two fully coded flags and flagstands
  • Teamed spawns
  • Game scoring logic


A custom Heads Up Display, which must have the elements:

  • Energy meter
  • Health meter
  • Team cap scores
  • Speedometer
  • Weapon switch indication
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