Force Fields
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Force Fields

Function: Force Fields (also sometimes called Energy Barriers) are part of a base that blocks off access to the base in certain cases. Force Fields come in two flavours: Team specific and non team specific. Team specific means only your team can freely pass through it. Non team specific means anyone can pass through it. Each type cannot be shot through nor can a flag be passed through it (carried or otherwise).

Force fields are normally placed in base entrance areas, but can be used anywhere. This means they must be freely configurable by the level designers. Not only for shape / size, but team settings.

They are linked to the power system, so need to be free to be switched on and off. Not only due to power, but also due to some tweaks on the CTF game mode whereby we can switch certain forcefields off for x amount of time via another trigger.

Form: They should be fairly easy to see through, and I imagine ours being like some kind of heat wave, but very apparent so you can see it easily. A slight distortion would work very well. The team specific ones are coloured per team, while the neutral one remains neutral in colour.

Attached is how the current Tribes Vengeance look:

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