Game Modes & Game Rules

Game Rules

These are rule sets that apply to all game modes.

Public Game Rules

This will be the normal mode of public servers. Maps just run from start to finish (20 - 30 minutes), and carry on rotating. Players can leave and join at their free will.
Automatic punishment for Team Killing (or TK as it's known) will be in effect. This will place the offending player into spec mode for 5 minutes. 50% team vote in effect to bring him out. System message raised to indiicate that. Something along these lines:
"[System] has initiated spec mode against player Humbugger (red team) for excessive Teamkilling
Player stats: 10 kills :: 0 Captures :: 15 Defence points :: 3 Teamkills
Vote to bring him out quickly"
Whilst in this mode he will be muted.
Vote to kick and vote to change map functions in as usual (be nice to have these parameters in an external file so server admins can tweak to suit) (should we also consider vote to ban?).
Server admins remain in full control and have access to change maps, change game mode, kick players, ban players.
Game should also kick players not using standard alpha-numeric names, colour codes or any other method not supported in game directly.

Tournament Game Rules

This has the same core features as public mode, but with the following exceptions:
Auto TK spec mode disabled.
Map's do not automatically start until all players ready themselves (using fire to toggle ready or not), or an admin forces the match to start. (at least two players have to be ready before match will start). There is a countdown timer before the actual game will start.
Players can choose their team, and spawn but are rooted to the spot and cannot fire. Chat and team chat still active.

Game Modes

These are the game modes that will be available in Rise. Currently, for first stage, only Capture the Flag game mode is planned.

Capture the Flag

A classic gametype. On the landscape both teams have a base and a flag stand. The flag stand holds that teams flag. The object of the game is to take the enemy flag from their flag stand, and take it to your flag stand. This will give your team one point. The game ends after a set amount of time (~20-40 mins) or after a certain point limit (~5-25). A combination is also possible (play until 20 minutes, or if a team reaches 10 caps ("capout")).

Special cases and rules:

  • Your own flag needs to be at home in order to score. This means that if both flags are taken there is a "standoff", meaning that both teams are hunting for the flags in the field. This completely changes gameplay dynamics and offers alot of interesting tactics.
  • If a player carrying the flag has been shot, the flag he carries drops into the field. A dropped flag has a timer (~15-30 seconds). When this timer depletes, the flag is automatically returned home.
  • Flag to OOB interaction is yet to be determined. Because we use a soft OOB, it would make sense not to force a return or bounce upon entry. for first stage, we shouldn't implement anything yet.


A classic Tribes gamemode where one player runs with a flag while the rest of the server hunts. Not to be implemented at this point. Game rules yet to be determined.


Kill or be killed, first one to x amount of frags kind of thing. Not to be implemented at this point. Game rules yet to be determined.

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