Jetpack And Air Control
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Classes: All

Function: Forces the player to go upward.
Consumes energy. Stops when energy runs out.
Players should be able to use the jetpack without loosing existing velocity.
Note: What I mean with this is that a player should be able to have "200" velocity in a direction, when the player then starts using the jetpack the velocity wont diminish, the player will only gain velocity in upward direction. If the player is using one of the directional keys and uses the jetpack the aircontrol will make him change direction, if the players wants to stop he would have to negate the current velocity (aircontrol will always be a way of stopping, but using the jetpack and aircontrol will be more effective).
If possible it would be best if you had a pretty low maxspeed of aircontrol.
For example:
aircontrolmaxspeed = 50 units/s
movement speed = 200 units/s
Then it would take 4 seconds to brake to a full stop in the air.

If you get enhanced aircontrol speed with jet, say 100, then it could be used to increase and decrease movement speed in the air:
aircontrolmaxspeed = 50 units/s
Jetpack power = 100 units/s
movement speed = 200 units/s
Then it would take just over 1 second to brake to a full stop in the air.

Added - use of directional keys to give greater air control. Jetpack will still, always provide an upwards thrust, but by implementing the movement keys whilst jetpack is activated, we can greatly increase the players manouverability.

Form: A jetpack effect is in its testing phase at this moment.


Current air control needs working as it's too sensitive. More interita is required, making the air control much more fluid in motion. This also makes the players movement more predictable to being hit with a weapon, which is what we need.

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