Media Release 2


What's this then? Another media release? Why yes! To keep the players enthusiastic, we're going to make another movie & 'press' release. The first one was really well received and it gave us a ton of fans (and team members). This new media release will show what we've done since. We'll want to show off the new artwork, the online gameplay that's now functional, the new map(s), the awesome midairs, etc.



Like the first time, we'll want a short movie showing off some footage. About 1-2 minutes long, with multiplayer action visible. Also some more elaborate jetting/skiing - if possible with the custom sounds audible. Would be great if Mike could once again do a soundtrack for it.


A series of screenshots / artwork (?). Think of 8 or more images.


A brief summary of what we've been doing and what's in store for the people. Possible huge leaks about the Launcher, and maybe news about a closed/open beta of first stage? Either way, we'll want to include an announcement about wether we'll move to Crysis Wars or not.


A big fat note on the end of the media release, asking for more people to help out! We need CE2 specialists above all, and more material artists/modellers/mappers wouldn't be too shabby either. Basically we can use more people in all fronts to kick it into overdrive.

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