Traditionally, a pack is part of the players loadout. There would be a number of packs to choose from, and each one would give the player a certain benefit (more energy, more health, faster weapon fire, regeneration, etc). As per First Stage packs are not yet included and not yet in any priority lists. To be discussed.

Some background information on the packs:
As mentioned above, the player always has a pack as part of the loadout. Some packs have a passive constant effect, others are activated by the player, and some offer both facilities. The energy pack, in Tribes 1/2 anyway, was required for the Sniper Rifle.
Some packs have their own energy level, which either drains over an activation time, or instantly drains on activation. This takes a small while to recharge ready for the pack to be reused again.

Tribes Vengeance packs:

  • Repair pack - passive effect: slowly regenerates carrier. Active: heals surrounding team mates, repairs equipment. Active duration: 5 seconds?
  • Shield pack - passive: adds minor additional damage protection. Active: absorbs damage by around 50%. Duration: 3 seconds?
  • Energy pack - passive: adds damage to the Sniper Rifle. Drains completely when Sniper Rifle fired. Active: provides a movement boost to the player.
  • Speed pack - passive: slightly increases player movement speed and weapon fire rate. Active: increases every held weapon fire rate by 50%, duration 3 seconds?

Tribes 1 / 2 packs:

  • Repair pack - as above.
  • Shield pack - as above.
  • Energy pack - as above (but a specific requirement for the Sniper Rifle, T:V had ammo and energy for Sniper, T1/2 was purely energy based).
  • Sensor jammer pack - passive: used to make yourself invisible to enemy radar, both in visible player marker and map overview / hud radar screen. Active: none?
  • Ammunition pack - if I recall correctly you could drop this for team mates, and would contain mortars, grenades etc. (I think you could configure what was in it). Useful to drop off to the Heavy lard-asses :).
  • Cloak pack - passive: none. Active - make yourself completely invisible, both to radar and to the eye. Drains players energy during this mode. Foot steps remain visible (in snow for example). (Note: motion sensors provide the counter balance to this mode).

Tribes 1/2 also included deployable items as packs but we are treating them separately.

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