This is a stub!! Every date is a guesstimate.

As some of you were aware, we had the whole first stage, and part of the main phase already mapped out.
This is changing as we gear up the organisation somewhat.

We're using a new planning system to get all the tasks identified, assigned and dated. This may take a small while to get rolling correctly, but won't affect the immediate tasks you're working on. Stay tuned on this space for more info.


Please note some tasks are assigned to Admin, rather than their correct person.
Duration is also bugged and shown as Hours rather than Days.
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Current nearest milestone: Media release 2

Let's make an ever longer lasting impression!
Planned for FALL 2008 (october)

Next milestone: First Stage beta

The refinement of the foundation of Rise. Making it fun, making it work. Adding more people in for test.
Planned for FALL/winter 2008 (november)

Next milestone: First Stage release

Release this version to the public (decision to do so based on status of the game at the time and tester feedback).
Planned for WINTER 2008

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