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Function: Handles in game quick chat words, phrases and built in speech.
Currently based on the T:V extended chat, but will also partially replicate into SHIFT + Movement keys for certain common phrases.
This should also be customisable by an XML or LUA script file.
Global chat is both shown in the chat window and menus as being white, whilst team talk is green.
NOTE - Almost every vehicle related chat has currently been excluded

Current structure:

V Open quickchat menu

Then you have the following menu displayed which contains submenus as broken down further on:
G Global Say
E Team Say
V Offense (team chat)
D Defense (team chat)
F Flag (team chat)
T Target / Need (team chat)
C Taunts (global chat)
(keys 1 to 5) Spare / extras
X Exclamations
U Hidden
H = teamsay "HELP!"

Where (More) is shown, that is another displayed menu, so for example:
Pressing 'V' bring up the above menu
Pressing G would then show:

Heading: Global Say
G (More)
Y "Yes"
N "No"
D "I Don't Know"
H "Hi"

Etc. as shown below.
The entire menu should be closed with "Esc" key and disable any other bound actionmap whilst quickchat menu is open.
Example map demonstrating some very basic functions can be found here: Test Quickchat Map
Only Global say Yes and No basic form are included to demonstrate the general format.

G Global Say

G Global (global say) menu G (More) menu
Y = "Yes" D = "D'oh!"
N = "No" O = "Oops!"
D = "I don't know" S = "Shazbot!"
H = "Hi" Q = "Dammit!"
B = "Bye" C = "Ah crap!"
S = "Sorry" Y = "Yeah!"
T = "Thanks" W = "Woohoo!"
A = "No Problem" A = "Alright!"
H = "Hey!"

An example for saying something as listed: V (to open menu), G (to open Global), G (open more global), C "Ahhh crap" (Ah Crap will get printed in the chat window and players voice sample played for Ah Crap). This would be simply: V, G, G, C.

E Team Say

E Team (team say only) menu E (More) menu
T = "Thanks" X = "You Idiot"
A = "No Problem" C = "Ah Crap"
S = "Sorry" Q = "Dammit"
H = "Hi" Z = "D'oh"
B = "Bye" O = "Oops"
Y = "Yes" E = "Duh"
N = "No" H = "Hey"
D = "I don't know" W = "Watch where you're shooting"
I = "Hit the deck" "H = Help"

An example for saying something as listed: V (to open menu), E (to open Team), S "Sorry" (Sorry will get printed in the chat window and players voice sample played for Sorry, visible and audible to team only). Simply: V, E, S.

V Offense (team chat)

V Offense menu V more menu
D = "I'll distract their defense" D = "Destroy the enemys generator"
Z = "I'll attack the enemy base" T = "Destroy the enemys turrets"
C = "Cease fire I'm going in" W = "Destroy the enemys sensor"
S = "I'll destroy the enemy sensor" S = "We need more attackers"
G = "I'll destroy the enemy generator" E = "Distract them now"
T = "I'll take vehicle" (if applicable to Rise)
N = "Go on the offensive"
M = "Mines have been cleared"
O = "Going offense"
E = "Enemy turret destroyed"

Pressing V, V, V, D would team say "Destroy the enemys generator".
V, V, Z team say "I'll attack the enemy base".

D Defense (team chat)

D Defense menu D Incoming menu
B = "I'll defend our base" Q = "Incoming Light"
E = "I'll deploy extra defenses" W = "Incoming Medium"
R = "I'll repair our base" E = "Incoming Heavy"
W = "Our base needs repairs" X = "Enemies are at our base"
G = "Our generator needs repairs"
S = "Our sensor needs repairs"
N = "We need more defenders"
T = "Deploy extra defenses"
C = "Is our base clear?"
O = "Go on the defensive"
I = "Incoming enemies"

V, D, D, Q would team say "Incoming Light"
V, D, I team say "Incoming enemies".

F Flag (team chat)

Q = "I have an enemy flag"
E = "I'll capture their flag"
H = "I'm in heavy armour on our flag"
W = "Don't return the flag yet"
R = "Return the flag now"
S = "Drop the flag and I'll pick it up"
G = "Quick, take the flag from me"
C = "Capture the flag"
D = "I'm defending our flag"
B = "Cover me"
N = "I need an escort back to base"
M = "Our flag is mined"
I = "Our flag is secure"
J = "Mine the flag"

V, F, Q team say "I have an enemy flag".

T Target / Need (team chat)


C Taunts (global chat)


(keys 1 to 5) Spare / extras

Anything else we can think of

X Exclamations


U Hidden

The secret phrases - open to all to think of some :)

H = teamsay "HELP!"

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