• Show enemy and friendly players
  • Show enemy and friendly players Marker on the HUD
  • Show Flag positions


  • Always show friendly players
  • Always show friendly players Markers on HUD
  • Always show Flag positions

When destroyed:

  • Doesn’t show enemy players
  • Doesn’t show enemy players Markers on HUD

Entity and flowgraph

Entity needs to have 'health' and shield value (shield auto regenerates?)
Can be destroyed (auto repaired?)

Input for power available (or can be set to always on). Used for linking into power systems.
Destroyed output (do we need this?).
Anything else?


Hopefully the radar thats in the game from the start will make this very easy to implement.
The Marker mentioned is those triangles that mark the position of the player on the playfield, not the indication in the radar.
Default base radar needs to have finite range / radius. Deployable radars (limited number) can be used. These have their own radius but act in the same way, therefore making it possible to extent the base radius by good use of deployables.

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