Resupply Stations

Re-supply Stations


Re-supply stations are very close to inventory stations, except they only provide ammo and hand grenades.
There is a simpler version which is remote deployed, or a slighter fancier looking base version.


As described above, these simply provide ammo for your current loadout, plus hand grenades.

Classes: All.

Function: Player walks up to it, hits activate when prompted, ammo is re-supplied. Easy :)


Base re-supply needs a flow graph input to link into power systems. Or this can be permanently set to on.
Base version has 'health' and a shield. Shield auto regenerates.
Can be destroyed.
Self repairs?
Deployable re-supply is self powering. Has no shield. Has 'health'. Can be destroyed.

Team specific: Yes
Dropped deployable (on killed) becomes team neutral.

This is a walk up to and access entity. Base entity can be larger in form. Deployable needs to be much smaller. Imagine it like a stand alone ATM machine, or one of those Internet access stations found in shopping malls, only Rise like :)
Refer to concept art for details.

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