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Function: Causes the player to basically be frictionless against the ground. This allows for very rapid movement in combination with the jetpack. Players can ski downhills and pick up speed, use jet to clear the next hilltop, and so forth.

The player has the ability to have a slight influence on the ski direction. Carving it's basically called. This is done by simple holding left or right when skiing, and has no effect on energy or health.

Form: When the player holds the ski button, it raises him slightly (one or two feet) off the ground as if he was floating on a cushion of air. The player can bob slightly up and down to emphasize this. This allows us to not only have a more logical form of skiing, but we can also use alot of details in our maps as the cushion of air would smooth out branches, small rocks, ledges etc.

In Tribes: Vengeance skiing were shown by a white streak below the feet of the players, and occasional grass and other debris flowing up from the ground when you went over it, a similar or more flashy effect could be done.

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