Welcome to the Waking Hour development Wiki, this is where you will find the design doc of our FPS+Z mod named Rise.

So, what is Rise? Rise is a first person multiplayer shooter which takes influence from the Tribes series of games. This means you'll be flying around with jetpacks over vast landscapes, and 'skiing' down hills to pick up insane speeds. From the Crymod modding database:

Full mod influenced by the Tribes series of games. Made by people who love Tribes, this project aims to bring the best elements of the Tribes games and expand upon them in a full-blown multiplayer mod for Crysis.

What will you see in this mod?

Expect very high freedom of movement – every player has the ability to move frictionless across the terrain (‘skiing’), and every player has a jetpack to propel himself into the skies.

Expect large outdoor environments – multiplayer maps that stretch for several miles, yet can be travelled by a skilled player within a very short amount of time.

Expect team based online gameplay – because gravity is no longer an issue, Capture the Flag and other team-based gamemodes gain a completely new dimension.

Expect Tribal weaponry – the best weapons from the tribes series will make an appearance. Discs will fly.

Expect three different armour types – light armour for extreme speed, heavy armour for extreme protection, and medium armour for the best of both worlds. Every armour will have different weapon carrying capabilities and movement characteristics.

Expect a large scale of base equipment – inventory stations to re-equip yourself, turrets to defend yourself, and deployable equipment to serve you in the field.

Although it might be hard to navigate and get an overall feel of the mod, look around in the wiki, you will find the pages on the left side in the menu and hopefully in the end you might get a better feeling of it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Check the communications page for information on how to contact the team.

Game on!

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