Style Points System

Style points System

Whenever the player does something that require skill, he will be rewarded with extra points, called Style Points. How these are calculated is yet to be determiend. Style points can be rewarded for a number of things:

Mid-air disc

The art of hitting an airborne player in mid-air with the disclauncher. Very hard to do over long distances.

Mid-air grenade

Even harder than a mid-air disc, a mid-air grenade is achieved by blowing up a grenade from the grenade launcher on an airborne enemy player. Due to the arc of the grenade launcher, this is relatively rare and highly rewarded.

Mid-air mortar

Even harder than a mid-air grenade, the mortair midair is a green explosion of pure death in the skies. Rarely every happens, and is greeted with an audible gasp whenever a skilled heavy pulls this off. Highly rewarded.

Other style point achievements are yet to be determined.

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