These are the general ideas for the weapons of Rise. Please note that the first stage, we will only be implementing the Disc Launcher, Grenade Launcher and if possible the Chaingun. This article was written at a time when we were still in the process of figuring out what art direction the project had to take, so most of the 'form' things can be a little off. A note to concept artists reading this: Don't be guided too much by the form paragraphs. We have been really, really inspired by the artwork so far and would like you guys to continue in the way you're going. Keywords for form are robust, gritty, functional and relatively-realistic. Ask in IRC or on the forums for more info.

Default weaponry

Hand Grenade

Classes: Carried by default by all classes.

Function: When the Hand Grenade key is held, a power-metre starts filling on the screen. Depending on the moment the player decides to let go of the grenade key, the Hand Grenade is thrown with high or low velocity. The grenade explodes after a relatively short, set amount of time. If it comes into contact with any object (including players) within that time, it will bounce off. The explosion itself is powerful (but not extremely powerful) and causes moderate splash damage.

Form: The hand grenade does not have a "weapon" model. When thrown, it leaves a characteristic white trail. The grenade itself does not look like a conventional hand-grenade, but it's design is open to interpretation.

Armour-specific weaponry


Classes: Heavy armour only.

Function: The Mortar fires a projectile similar to the Grenade Launcher's grenade, only much more powerful. It too is timer-based, but the Mortar's timer expires after a slightly longer amount of time. The rate of fire is low and the projectile is affected by gravity (although it arcs less than the grenade launcher's). Explosion damage is extremely high. Splash damage radius is also extreme.

Form: The gun itself is meant to look very heavy. It can be best described as bulky and metallic looking. The mortar projectile itself leaves a green trail across the sky. The actual explosion is violent looking, with green detailing. Basicly, when a tribes player sees something green from the corner of his eye, he knows it's time to run.

Sniper Rifle

Classes: Light armour only.

Function: Fires a (semi)instantaneous hitting shot with exact accuracy. While rate of fire is low, damage dealt is relatively high. In T:V, the Laser Sniper Rifle is energy-dependant, it will deal damage according to the level of the player's personal energy. Once fired, the player's energy is completely drained. The Laser Sniper Rifle needs both energy and ammo to fire.

Form: The classic tribes iteration of the tribes laser sniper rifle bright red. It can have red energy effects, possibly indicating the amount of personal energy (and thus firing power). Once fired, the rifle round leaves a red trail. Open to interpretation.

Electronic Flux Gun ("ELF Gun")

Classes: Medium armour only.

Function: The ELF gun fires a beam of energy with a relatively short range. When this beam comes into contact with an enemy player, it will drain that player's personal energy supply. Exact form of the beam and method of firing is yet to be determined.

Form: Yet to be determined.

Non-armour-specific weaponry


Classes: Can be carried by all classes.

Function: When fired, the Spinfusor shoot a single disc straight forward, with precise accuracy. Disc travels at medium to high speeds and explodes upon impact with any object, causing splash damage around it. If the fired disc does not hit a target it will be destroyed after a certain amount of time. The disc is affected by the players velocity and movement direction, and according to tests by Dr. Oopy and Abbe inherits as much as 50% of the players velocity (in T:V).

Form: Most notable features of the Spinfusors appearance are metal/blue colourscheme. The fired discs have a glowing blue edge and leave a characteristic blue trail across the skies.

Grenade Launcher

Classes: Can be carried by all classes.

Function: The grenade launcher shoot a grenade that is affected by players velocity and movement direction. The grenade is affected by gravity (and thus arcs). The projectile velocity and rate of fire is higher than that of the spinfusor. Like the Spinfusor, it has exact accuracy. Every grenade fired has a timer on it, making the grenade triggerable only after a short amount of time. When this timer has run out, it will trigger (and explode) when touching any object. If it touches an object before the timer has run out, it will bounce off. Like the Spinfusor disc, the grenade causes splash damage.

Form: Yet to be determined.


Classes: Can be carried by all classes.

Function: When the trigger of the Chaingun is held down, it's barrel rotates and fires bullets (or "flechettes") at a relatively high rate of fire. The Chaingun flechettes have high speeds, but are far from instantaneous-hitting and are not exactly accurate. Naturally the flechettes inflict damage when coming into contact with a player, and will be destroyed if coming into contact with any object. If it does not hit an object after a certain amount of time, it will be destroyed. When firing the Chaingun, it will gradually heat up. Heating up the chaingun causes it to be less accurate. The Chaingun will cool down slowly over time, or cool down fast when travelling at high velocities or through water.

Form: Most notable features of the Chainguns appearance is it's bulky, rotating barrel ("three barrels in one"). Also notable is a cooling element that glows more and more red when the Chaingun heats up.


Classes: Can be carried by all classes.

Function: The Blaster fires a spread of energy "pellets", shotgun style. The energy pellets deal damage when coming into contact with a player. When coming into contact with any other object, it will bounce off without losing velocity. This allows a skilled blaster-wielder to shoot around corners in closed environments. The Blaster has a relatively high rate of fire (faster than the Spinfusor) and deals medium-high damage when all pellets hit their target. The Blaster does not consume ammo, but is entirely dependant on the personal energy of the player. It uses a set amount of energy with every shot.

Form: Theme colour of the Blaster is yellow. All energy pellets glow bright yellow and the gun itself could have yellow energy effects.

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